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Walk Like The Statue of Liberty

April 7th, 2011
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: this is your king
You: Yes, my majesty?
Stranger: don’t disconnect, and no question marks
You: As you wish, siree.
Stranger: it’s yes Your majesty
You: Pardon my rudeness, your majesty.
Stranger: what is the name of my servant ?
You: Krille
You: Your majesty.
Stranger: boy’s name ?
You: It is not my real name, your majesty.
You: It is a nickname.
Stranger: are you male ?
You: Yes.
Stranger: say *obeys*
You: *obeys*
Stranger: bow krille
You: *bows*
Stranger: *says, take socks off*
You: Pardon me, your majesty?
Stranger: i said take your socks off, pronto
You: *Takes off the socks*
You: It is done.
Stranger: *says, don’t disconnect* :)
You: I won’t disconnect, I already promised your majesty that.
Stranger: 19 is my age krille
Stranger: how old are you ?
You: 17, your majesty.
Stranger: *asks permission to touch your feet*
You: Go ahead.
Stranger: *touches your feet* look down at me
You: *Looks down at you*
You: Yes?
Stranger: while i what
Stranger: i said no question marks
You: Forgive me, your majesty.
Stranger: say what i am touching
You: My feet.
Stranger: *says, try to walk like statue of liberty*
Stranger: with sandals on your feet
You: *Attempts to walk like the statue of liberty*
Stranger: with what on your feet
You: *With my sandals*
Stranger: *says lift left foot off of harbour*
You: *Lifts my left foot off of harbour*
Stranger: now enter NYC
You: *Enters NYC*
Stranger: tilt your head to look down at the people looking at you
You: *Tilts my head slowly to look at the people*
Stranger: says, Gently put your right foot in the middle of the people*
Stranger: are we alone
You: *Puts my right foot gently in the middle of the crowd*
You: It seems as if not.
You: Your majesty.
Stranger: we’re not alone ?
You: That’s correct, your majesty.
Stranger: who is with us ?
You: A big large crowd of frightened people, it seems as if cars are approaching from east.
Stranger: *says, lift left foot to flatten empty police car*
You: *A missile hits me so the foot misses the car* We are being attacked or so it seems.
Stranger: *follow me*
You: *Me follows*
Stranger: *make them disapper*
You: They seem to have lost us, your majesty.
Stranger: now flatten the police car
You: *Flattens the police car*
Stranger: with your ?
You: *Ass*
Stranger: i said your left foot
You: Oh, forgive me, my majesty.
Stranger: *forgives* carry on
You: *Stands up and repeats the procedure with the foot*
Stranger: *watches*
You: May I speak freely, your majesty.
Stranger: go ahead
You: Does this turn you on, hurting people like this, your majesty.
Stranger: no, i’m just bored
Stranger: please obey
You: Aye, aye.
Stranger: *says, walk like statue back to me*
You: *Walks like a statue back to the king*
Stranger: put your feet beside me, don’t squish though
You: *Puts feet beside you*
Stranger: *looks at your toga*
You: Is something wrong, your majesty
You: .
Stranger: no :) *touches the feet*
Stranger: very soft feet
You: Thank you, I guess.
Stranger: your welcome
You: Foot fetish, your majesty has one.
Stranger: yes i do, sorry forgive me
You: I do, I guess.
Stranger: *says leave socks off*
You: *Leaves the socks*
Stranger: *asks you to put your big left toe in my mouth*
You: I have to go. xD
You: I got an anime to watch
Stranger: wait
Stranger: do that first
Stranger: you mean enemy ?
You: *puts my toe in your mouth*
Stranger: ignore the enemy
You: The enemy?
Stranger: what is anime ?
You: An animated version of manga.
Stranger: just few more seconds
Stranger: i promise
You: This really do turn you on lol
You: Fine.
Stranger: *sucks big toe*
You: That turns me on so bad, your majesty
Stranger: then forget manga
You: I was just kidding. :p
You: I really have to go now.
Stranger: and do what ?
You: Watch anime.
Stranger: ok fine
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by Kristoffer from Sweden

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