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The Son of Gary Busey

March 9th, 2010
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: sup
You: Hey
Stranger: How are you DOING
You: Why is “DOING” so big? Is it trying to intimidate the other words in your sentence?
Stranger: no, when I say it out loud to people, I say it enthusiastically
Stranger: so it kind of bleeds through to my typing
You: That doesnt scare them?
You: ….I’m scared :(
Stranger: You know what you should be scared of? The fact that Gary Busey’s son was born…
Stranger: he has a child
Stranger: i don’t know if he has any othrs
Stranger: others
Stranger: but….
Stranger: that man is fucking TOOTHY and CRAZAZAZY
You: What if I WAS Garey Busey’s son? Hmm?
You: Didn’t think of that did u?
You: He could be intelligent The Busey family genius could have skipped a generation
Stranger: sure!
You: Now u must find him and apologize just in case he attempts world domination
You: Shall I accompany u as ur faithful sidekick?
Stranger: please, i’ll need support
You: What shall we take with us to defeat Busey Jr.?
Stranger: well
Stranger: some pot, definitely
Stranger: just to you know
Stranger: keep us thinking clearly
You: I’m allergic to possessing illegal substances I’m sad to say it is my only fault
You: :(
Stranger: that is WRONG!
You: I kno *I cry*
Stranger: that ruins EVERYTHING
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by KiDevin from USA

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