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The Game

October 29th, 2010
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: the game
Stranger: the game of life
You: no you lose
Stranger: I have rigged dice I can’t lose
You: this game does not include dice
You: hence i have re-rigged the game
You: hahaha
Stranger: I also have a double heads coin
You: no coins included either muahahahaha
Stranger: and a deck of marked cards
You: and no cards
You: nyucknyucknyuck
Stranger: and S&W magnum
You: bullet-proof vest
Stranger: and a horde of zombies
You: impenetrable armor
Stranger: zombie proof?
You: yes
Stranger: I see
You: the game is rigged in MY favor
Stranger: In which case I combine it with MY game which has dicwe and roll a critical failure
Stranger: FOR YOU!
You: nope
You: it doesn
You: t have much effect…
Stranger: but it has some effect which means it bypassed the zombie proof armour
You: no not the zombie proof armor
You: got shot in the foot
Stranger: of
Stranger: oh right I use headshot
You: no head is invincible
You: it ricocheted
Stranger: I use flamethrower headshot and torch your hair and make u look stupid and resign the game in shame so I win by default
You: I have no shame
You: there will be no default wins
Stranger: I see
Stranger: then I use the matrix and a clone so u and it will play forever and I will leave but u no doubt have already devised a way around it and I call a draw meaning we both win at life
You: ahh good
You: we have come to an agreement
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: gg stranger
You: you are a worthy opponent
Stranger: and u aswell
Stranger: I must now leave for I must train my knowledge of pointless trivia that will one day lead to me beating you but prob not cos u’ll have also trained
Stranger: so farewell
You: very good
Stranger: *rides off in to the sunset
You: enjoy your training
You: may we meet again
Stranger: someday
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by Josh from USA

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