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Random Visitor

December 13th, 2010
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hi
Stranger: helllo
You: ching ching ching
You: oh, who’s at the door?
Stranger: Wha~ ?! >w<
You: i’ll open the door.
You: oh, it’s beatrice. hi beatrice!
You: i was just talking to a stranger, would you like to meet said stranger?
You: stranger, this is beatrice, my friend.
Stranger: Heh ? Hi beatrice ^ ^lll
You: ‘Hello!’ said Beatrice. she is suspicious. she asks why i am talking to a stranger.
You: well, beatrice, i don’t know. why am i talking to a stranger?
You: stranger, who are you and why are you talking to me?
Stranger: I’m forget who am I .. T__T ~ I dunno DX
You: beatrice is startled. ‘this person is clearly mad!’ calm down, beatrice.
You: do you need to go to hospital?
Stranger: Yes, but I just ran out of money ~ *limp*
You: beatrice is still suspicious. ‘i don’t think you should lend this person any money. who says they won’t spend it on drugs?’ well, i am more trusting than beatrice. how much money do you need to go to hospital, stranger, and what is your ailment?
Stranger: nope, I don’t want money, just need rest for a while ~ I want ice cream! *pointed at ice cream seller*
You: i don’t think stranger takes drugs, beatrice. i will go buy stranger an ice cream. what flavour do you want?
Stranger: Hmm.. Let me to think it first, wait a moment please ~ *thinking hard*
You: take your time.
Stranger: Well! I’m done! *jump* Bubble gum, please *smiles*
You: okay, i’ll go and get you one. beatrice, make small talk.
You: ‘so… what is your name, stranger?’
Stranger: Eh, You can call Nao ~ :3
You: ‘okay, nao. do you have an ulterior motive?? DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ICE CREAM?’
Stranger: Huh ? *looks at you* what are you talking about ? = =lll
You: ‘i know your type. are you a con artist?’
You: okay, i’m back with the ice cream!
You: what were you talking about
You: ?
You: ‘oh, nothing.’
You: here’s your bubblegum ice cream!
You: ‘it’s name is nao.’
You: i see!
You: do you need somewhere to rest now nao?
Stranger: Thank you *take the ice cream* Well, May I know your name beatrice’s friend ?
You: my name is ‘asenat!
Stranger: Ok~ thanks asenat .. nope, I not need place for rest
You: okay. well, beatrice and i have a teaparty to go to
You: .
Stranger: Okay then~ Have a nice day ! *hand wave*
You: goodbye!
You have disconnected.

Submitted by Arsenat from USA

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