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Punch Me in The Face And Then Spit on Me

September 4th, 2011
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Stranger: 19 m want a chick to punch me in the face and then spit on me
You: domination?
Stranger: mhm
You: yeah?
Stranger: yea
You: your fantasy?
Stranger: you a chick?
Stranger: one of them
You: nope but you got weird fantasy
You: xD
Stranger: yes I know
Stranger: I hate it
You: why?
Stranger: it’s completely destructive
Stranger: just fantasizing about it does a number on your self esteem
You: yeah
Stranger: but it’s just so hot
You: :?
Stranger: lol
You: lol
Stranger: not sure why
Stranger: fucked up childhood
You: you got abused?
Stranger: yea
Stranger: stepmom used to slap me
Stranger: hard
You: man sorry to hear that
Stranger: thanks bitch
You: yeah that a bitch
Stranger: congrats on introducing another creep into the world
You: but you don’t have to beat yourself up like that , you can change things
Stranger: I really wish I could
Stranger: I can still have regular sex and everything
Stranger: but it’s just nowhere near the high I get from this
Stranger: it’s going from pot to heroin
You: yeah the scar is still there
Stranger: but then I feel like shit afterwards
You: yeah..
Stranger: even when I’m just fantasizing about it
Stranger: I feel disgusted with myself
You: it gets worst?
Stranger: I know it sounds like a joke, but I usually do curl up into a fetal position and sob a little after I jerk off
Stranger: wow that is pathetic
Stranger: that just started recently
You: wow..
Stranger: well it was worse for a while
Stranger: for a while I was into financial domination
Stranger: which is just giving away money to mean chicks on the internet
You: :S
Stranger: it’s so fucked up
Stranger: but it can become an addiction
You: is that why you’re here?
Stranger: hm?
You: to look for chicks
Stranger: not really
Stranger: just kind of wanted to strike up a convo like this
You: it’s pretty deep stuff man
You: but it’s okay i’ll listen
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: I really do feel like I need to talk to someone about this
Stranger: to be honest I’ve never acted out on it
You: first time i met a conv like this
Stranger: but just fantasizing about it and having those images run through your head is just bad
Stranger: it just makes your life shitty
Stranger: I absolutely hate s&m
Stranger: and that lifestyle
You: here
Stranger: and I hate how everyone who isn’t a part of it, or sometimes who is, gives the same “hey, if these guys didn’t enjoy it, they wouldn’t be doing it”
Stranger: obviously if you’re into the kind of stuff I am, there’s some bad wiring in your brain
Stranger: this isn’t just a healthy choice I’ve made
Stranger: it’s a compulsion
Stranger: like any addiction
You: yeah it is a addiction
Stranger: like teenage girls with eating disorders
You: is like to cover the pain or some sort
Stranger: “well they clearly must enjoy vomitting after every meal”
Stranger: “they’re deciding to do it!”
You: or i guess feeling the pain
Stranger: we can all understand that things like that aren’t healthy
Stranger: that those people need assistance
You: yeah they do
Stranger: but when it comes to sexual stuff, we’ll then you’re just a creep
You: is a bad habit
Stranger: “but hey, whatever you’re into man”
Stranger: it’s the same reason women who were abused always seek out abusive relationships
Stranger: no one gives the “hey man, it’s what they want”
Stranger: we understand that they weren’t given the same healthy normal brain that most people have
Stranger: they need some therapy
Stranger: but somehow when a guy wants to pay a chick in latex to kick his balls for an hour, that’s perfectly fine
Stranger: no one wants to look uptight, so everyone just says they’re cool with it
Stranger: to prove how open minded they are
Stranger: dominatrixes are horrible people
Stranger: they’re victimizers who get paid hundreds an hour to abuse people with emotional baggage
You: yeah
Stranger: no one has a fucking problem with that?
Stranger: what the hell is wrong with people
Stranger: I think most people think that dominatrixes are essentially prostitutes
Stranger: that’s not the case at all
Stranger: These are just bullies
Stranger: most sessions involve the type of stuff I fantasize about
Stranger: face slapping, ball kicking, severe verbal degradation
Stranger: sometimes the guys will just paint the chick’s toenails for an hour
Stranger: and then hand her the $250
Stranger: and most dominatrixes are into that financial domination too
Stranger: of course
Stranger: who the fuck wouldn’t
Stranger: it’s all just so retarded
Stranger: exploiting people with emotional weaknesses
Stranger: and it’s perfectly legal
Stranger: but prostitution, sorry no can do
You: wow
Stranger: lol
Stranger: your thoughts?
You: but it’s all the same but different examples and different degrees and severities
Stranger: hm?
You: but they all have one point in common
You: is all to hide cover the pain
You: but the pain is still there like a scar
Stranger: I think it’s more intricate than that
You: but it’s so deep that
Stranger: there’s definitely an aspect of avoiding true intimacy
You: they have to endures these sickness
Stranger: which would bring up those bad feelings
You: yeah
You: but why do they continue on something that is wrong that makes them worst
Stranger: usually it’s just a compulsion
You: like hurting themselves physically and mentally
Stranger: a way to manage emotions that they become so dependent on, they can’t even considering stoping
Stranger: when it just makes their situation worse
Stranger: it’s just like any drug addiction
You: it because a habit
Stranger: you know that you’re shitting away your friends and family by doing meth
Stranger: but you don’t stop
Stranger: why is that?
You: addiction
You: complusion
Stranger: same thing here
Stranger: and most of these guys won’t even admit that to themselves
You: true
Stranger: it’s so shameful
You: they hide it
Stranger: too*
You: but also makes worst
You: it’s a vicious cycle
You: but after that once it because too severe they can kill themselves or suicide
You: because they can’t take it anymore
You: or it’s too much for them
You: but there always a cure for everything right?
Stranger: yes
You: is hard but there is always help
You: usually music helps me
You: happy,sad,angry,neutral
Stranger: yea
You: but
You: they can find something “healthier” for a addiction
You: like music
You: to speak up
Stranger: yea
You: are you feeling better?
You: people should be open to this so i’ll post this
You: is it okay?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: where?
You: you can post it to omeagle post
Stranger: sure go aehad
Stranger: ahead
You: they’ll decide to post
You: and people rates
You: well i hope i help you out in some ways?
Stranger: yes thank you
Stranger: just needed to talk to someone
You: anytime
Stranger: gotta go
Stranger: cya
Stranger: thanks
You: see ya man
You: take care
Stranger: bye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by Bryan from Canada

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  1. Ubernerd
    December 12th, 2011 at 10:17 | #1

    My god, this is sad. I just loved reading it. In some way, that’s what Omegle can be for, simply staying anonymous and opening up. Poor fellow. I understand what he is talking about. This is a serious psychological issue and it makes perfect sense. Bad things create bad things. If a child gets abused, its past will be long gone when the wounds still itch. And there is no way to go back and change anything, so you’re stuck and you will reenact everything that happened to you, every degradation, every sort of violence that happened to you, developing a sexual disorder to compensate for the immense pain you’re feeling from day to day. And you will never be able to move on if you don’t get help because you’re stuck in a neverending cycle of your own incapability to go back and start over. In extreme cases this can lead to more violence and even the most evil crimes one can or cannot imagine.

    I wonder if people know what they’re doing to their children. I wonder if parents are actually aware that everything they do will be reflected in their children’s personality somewhere in the far future. But, well, most parents really don’t give a shit about their offsprings. And that’s awfully sad. Time to break something.