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March 2nd, 2010
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Stranger: Hey there?
Stranger: *!
You: hello
Stranger: How’s it going?
You: good
You: you?
Stranger: Fine thanks.
You: good to hear
You: your well being is important to me
You: I am glad that you are fine
Stranger: Haha, so where are you from?
You: the us
Stranger: I’m in texas
You: Oregon
Stranger: Oregon trail!
You: oh shit
Stranger: Such a good game.
You: no one cares about the rugged beauty of our coastal landscape
You: but one shitty ass game gets made and we can’t live it down
You: sorry
You: but you don’t know how many times I get to hear about that game
Stranger: Oh, well, sorry. We were talking about it today in us history.
You: the game?
Stranger: Mhm
You: so for us history, when it comes to the part about the oregon trail, your teacher talks to you about the game?
Stranger: Haha, no, a kid just brought it up, and then we all started talking about playing it when we were little
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 16
You: wow, do i feel old
Stranger: Oh, I’m sorry?
You: don’t worry about it
You: its just that when i was learning about the Oregon Trail, I got to play the game for like maybe an hour because we only had one computer in my classroom.
You: the rest of the time was spent preparing our little fake covered wagons and filling them with little fake barrels of goods
You: so we could reinact the Oregon trail on our school playground.
Stranger: That’s awesome, we never made tiny wagons.
You: trust me, we all are better off with the game.
You: though I doubt your teachers give you popsicles when you reach oregon
Stranger: Dude, no! But that would be cool
You: yeah, educational computer games were in their infancy when I was in elementary school, so was educational computer use too.
You: lol
You: we used to do research for our school reports using encyclopedias and books
Stranger: Insane.
You: we have come so far, and yet I still complain because we don’t have flying cars
Stranger: I want one like in Harry potter.
You: I saw my first MP3 player in seventh grade and it held 40 songs and was the size of the power supply for my laptop
Stranger: Hahah, woah. I just found my old iPod mini the other day, it’s ridiculously heavy.
You: yeah
Stranger: How old are you?
You: 25
You: I dragged my original gameboy out the other day
You: its almost the size of a bible
Stranger: Hahah awesome
You: the Sega GameGear? Oh yeah, you could watch tv on it
You: for like two hours
You: it ate six AAs before you could get halfway through a game
Stranger: I don’t even remember those
You: lol
Stranger: I didn’t have any brothers for a while, so the first game thing I had was a gamecube
You: so you never had to literally blow out a cartridge in order to get it to play
Stranger: Nope
You: or have to restart from the very begining of the game everytime you turn your system on because cartridges didnt save
Stranger: That’s sad.
You: but we had a blast
You: when the super nintendo came out, it blew our minds that Donkey Kong could look so freaking real
Stranger: Hahaha
You: have you ever seen screan shots of donkey kong country?
Stranger: Mhm
You: yeah
You: cutting…edge….graphics
You: 32 bit baby
You: edge of your seat excitement
You: the original Firefox?
You: Oh man
You: kids you hardly knew would show up at your house wanting to play
Stranger: Hahah
You: and you were the cool kid because you had a super nintendo before any other kid on the block
You: or you stayed up for three days to get through the alternate realm on Super mario
Stranger: Haha
You: my first computer? IBM compatible, 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 drives. one color text only user interface. your could type your report and then print it out on a dot-matrix printer
You: you probably don’t even know what that means
Stranger: Not a clue.
You: no mouse
You: hows that sound
Stranger: Scary
Stranger: How do you do anything without a mouse?
You: you didn’t need it
You: the interface was text only
You: you had TYPE commands
You: run
You: exit
You: dir
You: c://
You: then my dad moved us out of the stone age
You: we got a brand new 2000 dollar computer
You: 233 mhz
You: 32 mb ram
You: no graphics card
You: windows 95 Bonus package
You: which means it came with a bunch of useless crap like Quickbook.
You: 56k dial-up modem
Stranger: Oh no
You: 4k a second was my best download speed
Stranger: So 9 years makes a lot of difference
You: yeah, I still think about the two minutes it took to log on to the internet
You: so I could look up information for a report
You: or play a telnet mud
You: valmost no games
Stranger: No idea what that is
You: Telnet muds?
You: MUD stands for multi-user dungeon
You: it was texted based rolplaying
You: a description of the room apeared on the screen
You: and you could type comands
Stranger: Ugh, i’ve gotta go! Sorry!
You: n- north e=east.
You: tell your friends
You: beware
Stranger: Alrighty
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by James from USA

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  1. Stefan
    March 23rd, 2010 at 16:53 | #1

    good times.

  2. K
    May 3rd, 2010 at 18:50 | #2

    I feel old. I remember all of those things.