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July 13th, 2011
Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: Hiya
You: ninja!
Stranger: TIMBERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
You: woyaaaaaaaaaa!
You: ninja kick!
Stranger: ninja block!
You: hmmm… (ninja breath catching technique) … you’re quite strong…
You: there’s no point killing each other
You: let’s have a friendly talk
Stranger: INdeed
Stranger: Strong you are i sense
You: thank you…
Stranger: The art of my ninjitsu is not only physical damage
You: i have been well taught
You: yes?
Stranger: A ninja must also be at peace with themself
Stranger: and the world around them
You: I couldn’t agree more…
You: i possess the ancient technique of the dragon slayer fist from the East…
You: which can only be achieved
You: after spending many moons meditating in a mystic cave… hmm yess…
Stranger: Ahh
You: i also like eating a good burger before assassination, but we’ll talk about this later
Stranger: from a pupil of the famous master fu of the fufu tribe of Shropshire
You: that’s right
You: i’m called unigawa, unrivaled under heaven, to whom do i owe the pleasure?
Stranger: The pleasure is all yours
Stranger: You bask in teh glory that is the
Stranger: ….
Stranger: PIE!!!!! Ninja
You: …. ?
You: (death exclamation mark)
You: ninja block
Stranger: rapid succession of noises
You: tiger fury!!!
Stranger: Dog jum!
Stranger: p!
You: aaaaaaaah… (falls off a cliff)
You: (cause we were in the mountains, that’s ninja, right?)
Stranger: (i think so)
Stranger: *Evil laugh*
Stranger: Muhahahahahahahhahahahaaaaa
You: cough cough…
Stranger: (as we are ninjas it is dubbed)
Stranger: ninja cough ?
You: you may have won this one… cough cough…
Stranger: need ninja medicine ?
You: please, indeed
You: this would be very kind
You: (80′s music)
You: (lots of synthesizer)
Stranger: *Puts flares on and sideburns*
You: phew
You: i’m healed!
Stranger: (hears axel musci in background)
You: ninja thanks!!
You: ninja 5!
Stranger: ninja 5!
Stranger: (no shurikens invovled)
Stranger: (or nunchucks)
You: (yeah, i’m not that kind of ninja anyway…)
You: was fun talking to you
Stranger: Indeed
You: but i now have to continue my journey
Stranger: *Bows*
You: a quest for the truth
You: *bows too*
Stranger: May your journeys take you far in your quest
Stranger: and the great NINJA
Stranger: watch over you
You: may you find truth and inner balance as well
Stranger: Hai
You: Ninja bye!
You have disconnected.

Submitted by Timow from France

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