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Massive Balls

July 15th, 2011
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: heyyyy
You: I have huge balls.
You: Like crazy big.
Stranger: yum.
Stranger: like idc.
You: Note that I say BALLS and not a huge penis.
You: My penis is tiny.
You: Like microscopic tiny.
You: It’s like a clit.
You: Smaller than a clit actually.
You: But my balls.
Stranger: uhm
You: Jesus Christ, my balls.
Stranger: jesus christ I DONT GIVE A FUCK
You: You’d need THREE chicks to lift each one.
Stranger: prbly as in the bird.
You: So round up two of your friends and come meet me.
You: Touche.
You: But no, I meant humans with vaginas.
You: One and a half guys might be able to.
Stranger: what if i was a girl with a penis?
You: Then, my friend, you wouldn’t be a girl.
You: You would be a freak.
Stranger: btu i do have a vagina
You: Then you aren’t a freak.
Stranger: i am a normal girl.
You: Did I say that I have huge balls?
Stranger: your right im not the freak you are going on about your balls. that no one on here cares about
You: You love my balls.
Stranger: ohhyeaaa.
Stranger: totally.
You: People say I might have elephantitis.
You: I say “Ha.”
You: If I do have a condition, it’s blue-whaleitis.
Stranger: …..
Stranger: what the hell>
You: Perhaps you’d like to see my balls?
Stranger: not reallly.
You: You won’t regret it.
Stranger: yea i probly will.
Stranger: so im not even gona seeee it.
You: You’re going to insult me by not seeing my balls?
You: Where I come from, that’s an insult.
Stranger: hmm
You: It’s punishable by death.
You: Would you like to die?
Stranger: well i guess your moms vagina is an insult.
You: Touche.
Stranger: naaahh i dont feel like dying
You: Well you will.
You: I’ll suffocate you with my balls.
You: Muahaha.
Stranger: stop talking about vballs
Stranger: i dont acare about how large your balls are.
You: My penis then.
You: My penis is HUGE.
You: I mean TINY.
You: Like a tic-tac.
Stranger: great.
You: It’s been given the nickname “The Mouth Freshener” by many of my peers.
Stranger: hwo do you fuck a girl with a dick that small>
You: Get it? Felattio? Tic-Tac? Haha.
You: Easily.
You: Drug her up.
You: And when she’s passed out, go crazy.
You: Then suffocate her with my balls.
You: Oh wait you don’t want to talk about my huge balls.
You: Sorry.
You: I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by Bunty from USA

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