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Illuminated Draconian

March 25th, 2010
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Male 16 :D
You: hey
You: this will probably sound weird, but I am from space
Stranger: awesome
Stranger: how is it up there :D
You: I am typing from the draco nebula right now
You: its dark, and moist
Stranger: like a womans reproductive organ?!
You: yes, moist.. humans dont realise the moisture levels of the outer regions of the galaxy
You: no, more like the octagon opening of a femular rubakon
Stranger: well one would assume they would be like snow
Stranger: as it is quite cold out there
You: the one who imagines that is at error
Stranger: why is thuis?
You: because snow is an illusory construct of the human imagination
You: there is no snow
You: the snow is in your mind
Stranger: oh well if theres snow in my mind
Stranger: no wonder theres snow in my mind
You: more developed speciec like us have of course broken free of this juvenile playground of the mind and stepped into the realm of illumination
Stranger: cool
Stranger: so in other words
Stranger: youv just had LOTS of acid
Stranger: and know your trippin ballz :D
You: you guys have blood, we have acid flowing through our tubes
You: not the bad acid, the good Albert Hoffman acid
Stranger: kool
You: ah, good old Albert, he was one of us
Stranger: you could sell your blood
Stranger: for lotz
You: as expected we have already taken advantage of a similar oppurtunity, as we are more developed and intelligent, by selling human blood as soft drinks to young draconians
Stranger: mmm i do love human blood
Stranger: especially in scrupious quantities
You: only mongoloid blood is good enough
You: that much, you should know
Stranger: well i do my fair share of blood drinking
You: I enjoy the casuality of your response
You: as an intelligent species of space we are very accustomed to novel conversations with human entities
You: and you rank in the lower 4 on a scale of 1 to 100
You: it is a good result for a human
You: you should be proud
You: now, enjoy your cardiac arrest.. good bye
Stranger: i am
Stranger: oh there goes my heart
Stranger: oh and look
Stranger: my liver
Stranger: just eploded
You: sorry, no witnesses
You: must live
You have disconnected.

Submitted by Ludwig from Germany

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