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Exploring a Ghost Town

June 29th, 2010
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Welcome. Would you like to take place in a realistic scenario game?
Stranger: yes
You: You’ve been in a plane crash.
You stumble out of the plane and search through the wreckage, but fail to find survivors.
From the plane you salvage a bottle of water, a suitcase full of clothing, and some rope.
From the small field you land in, you look around. To the left is a rather dense forest, and to your right, what seems to be a ghost town.
Both behind and in front of you, large bodies of water prevent further travel in either direction.
What will you do?
Stranger: go to the ghost town
You: You turn to your right, and walk to the ghost town. Upon arrival, the sky darkens and an eerie feeling flows through the town. To your north is an old hotel, and to the south of you, a large manor which appears to have been vacated long ago.
You: On your east and west, small, insignificant buildings line the street.
You: What will you do?
Stranger: go to the buildigs
Stranger: buildings
You: You approach one of the small buildings to your west. The sign on the building reads: US Postal Service
You: Will you enter?
Stranger: helll yeah im gonna enter
You: You make your way past the creaking door, and find yourself inside an old postal building.
You: On the floor lie usless bits of paper, and scattered envelopes. There are banners strewn from the ceiling promoting an sale on office supplies once held by the now long abandoned building.
You: You find nothing of particular interest in the building and leave. Will you search another building, head North, or head South?
Stranger: search another
You: You walk to another building. This one appears to be a house. The address reads: 2417 West Pine Ave.
You: You step inside.
You: Although you feel certain the house is empty, you can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching you…
You: You are inside the house. What will you do now?
Stranger: look for the bitch thats watching me and kill him
You: You begin your search for the strange person you think is watching you. To your left is a kitchen. To the right is the bathroom. Straight ahead is the door leading to the backyard, and behind you is the front door, from which you came. Where will you search?
Stranger: kitchen
You: You make your way to the kitchen. You hear a loud thud from within the bathroom, followed by the door of the bathroom slowly opening.
You: It appears as if someone is coming from out of the bathroom.
You: You must make a decision on what to do next, as you see a man emerge and catch sight of you.
You: 10
You: 9
You: 8
You: 7
Stranger: kill him
You: 6
Stranger: charge at his ass
You: You rush the large man with your bare fists…
Stranger: tackle his ass
You: Having plenty of time to react, he jumps to the side, and picks up a shard of glass lying underneath the old, broken windowpane
You: He runs to you, this time having the upper hand. What will you do?
You: 5
You: 4
You: 3
You: 2
You: 1
You: The man tackles you and catches your shoulder with the glass
Stranger: woah woah woah
Stranger: chill
Stranger: i gotta think
You: The man says, “Fuck you, this is do or die”
Stranger: whatever continue
You: He thanks you.
You: You charge the man in one last attempt to kill him, and tackle him at the knees.
You: Stunned, he falls back onto the shard of glass he was once holding.
Stranger: grab that shit and cut him
You: Gravely injured, the man lies on the floor helpless. You retrieve the weapon, and continue to fuck his shit up.
You: The man dies.
Stranger: yeaaaaaaaaa bitch
Stranger: what now
You: You, having just murdered an innocent human being, stumble out of the house, with a small wound on your shoulder from the glass.
You: From here, you decide to either go to the old manor, or the hotel.
Stranger: hotel
You: You continue north.
You: Reaching the hotel, you see the building is locked. You figure your best choices are to either attempt to break into the hotel, or find another direction in which to trave.
Stranger: break in
You: You find a small piece of concrete on the ground. Throwing it at the glass door, you break it, and reach through the window pane to unlock the door and let your self if.
You: in*
You: You see an elevator, a stairwell, and a front desk. Where will you go?
Stranger: front defk
Stranger: desk
You: You walk towards the front desk, and there you find a keyring labeled: MASTER KEYS. You decide to stash them in your pocket for further use. What will you do now?
Stranger: stairs
You: Thinking the elevator may not be the best choice, you walk towards the long, dusty stairwell.
You: You begin to ascend the stairs….
You: There is a door in the stairwell labeled: 2F
You: Will you enter, or continue?
Stranger: enter
You: You push open the heavy door, and find yourself in a long, still corridor. You are slightly frightened by the fact that there are only 3 doors in the hallway.
You: You begin walking down the hallway, and hear the door behind you lock. Continuing, you see the doors more clearly, and they are labeled: R2, and MAINTENENCE
You: Which one will you choose
Stranger: maintenence
You: You use your master keys on the room, and enter.
You: Upon doing so, there is another man in the room, who appears to be sleeping in the chair in the corner of the room.
You: You decide to either leave the man asleep, or continue to search the room.
Stranger: kill him
You: You tip-toe towards the man, but as you’re doing so, he awakens at the sound of your footsteps…
You: The man awakens to the sight of you, whom has blood on his shirt.
You: Frightened, he reaches for the crowbar leaning against the wall, and picks it up, scared.
You: He attempts to swing at you, in a half-asleep daze. What will you do?
You: 10
You: 9
You: 8
You: 7
Stranger: idk grab his arm
You: You grab the mans arm as he swings, and the crowbar flies from his hand.
You: Will you attempt to get the weapon, or kill him with your bare hands?
Stranger: weapon
You: You bolt to the crowbar, and in such a haste, trip over the foot of the man you have just attacked.
You: Now on the ground, you reach for the weapon.
You: As you do, the man behind you kicks it away from your hand and punches you in the face. You lie on the ground, shocked, and full of adrenaline.
You: Will you kick the mans leg, causing him to fall? Or get up and fight like a man?
Stranger: get up and fight
You: You stumble to your feet and punch the thought-to-be janitor in the throat
You: In one last desperate attempt to survive, he tries poking you in the eyes, but fails.
You: The man is now at your mercy. Will you finish him, or leave him on the ground?
Stranger: finish his ass mortal kombat style
You: Climbing onto the nearest table, you leap from it and land on the victims head, killing him instantly. Feeling no remorse, you take his wallet and leave the room.
Stranger: thats disgusting
You: From in the building, you hear police sirens outside.
You: You can either hide in the hotel, or turn yourself in to the police, now at the hotel for an unknown reason.
Stranger: hide
You: You run into the nearest room, labeled R2, and shut the door behind you, locking it with your set of master keys.
You: You can now hear police inside the building, searching for something, or someone.
You: You hear a pounding at the door you just came through. What will you do now?
Stranger: hide behind it and punch whoever comes through
You: You run to the door and position yourself right behind the door, fists in the air.
You: However, you quickly realize hiding right behind the door was a careless action.
You: The police kick the door in, which swings and hits you in the face, knocking you to the ground.
You: They rush into the room, prepared for danger, and as they observe the room, they see you, covered in the blood of the dead man next door.
You: Unsure of what to do, the officer nearest to you stuns you with his tazer, and you begin convulsing violently.
You: Will you –
You: lie on the ground, and wait to recover, then deal with the cops?
You: or, in your weakened state, reach for the cop’s gun, and try to finish off the few police in the building?
Stranger: the second option
You: You slowly reach for the gun, but move too slowly, as you are stunned from the electricity.
You: The cop deciphers your intentions immediately, reaches for his sidearm, and fires two rounds into your chest, as you collapse on the floor, defeated, and gasping for your final breath.
You: Just moments before, you were on a plane, heading for a vacation. Now, due to your actions, you lie on the floor of the cold, lonely hotel, dead and forgotten.
You: The end.
You: Thank you for playing.
Stranger: thats dumb
Stranger: i wanna go to the forest
You: You awaken, in a confusion, in a small field.
You: To your side, you see the plane.
You: You replay what just happened in your head over and over, and come to find that all of it was just a bad dream.
You: Still awakening from your unconciousness, you find that although the strange ghost town was not real, the plane crash was.
You: You head to the forest to your east, in search of help.
You: In front of you and to your left lie more trees, and to your right, a small RV.
You: Where will you go?
Stranger: rv
You: You near the old RV, and as you approach, you hear a slight rumble.
You: Getting closer and closer, the rumble gets louder.
You: A few yards ahead, a man with a chainsaw is cutting logs, presumable for a fire outside of his RV.
You: The man does not look too friendly, and you assume that meeting him will lead to a fight.
You: You choose to either fight the well-armed man, or turn around, hoping he never saw you in the first place.
Stranger: turn around
You: You turn around, and try to leave the campsite, unseen.
You: But…
You: On your way out, your foot catches something you did not see before – a dog?
You: You unknowingly kick the man’s dog, causing it to yelp, and run to the RV.
You: The man’s chainsaw ceases.
You: You hear quick footsteps towards you, as he tries to see what caused his dog to react in such a way.
You: The man spots you!
You: He is furious, and you are trespassing!
You: He rushes towards you, chainsaw in hand!
You: You either run West or North, or try to disarm the man, but you must think quickly!
You: 7
You: 6
Stranger: north
You: You run north, only to see a cliff, with sharp rocks and roaring water below
You: You hear the man behind you as you near the edge of the cliff
Stranger: make him fall off the cliff
You: You stand on the cliff, waiting for the man to run to you.
You: As he nears you, you duck quickly, and he continues to run – off the face of the cliff.
You: You feel relieved, and step to the edge to watch him fall, wanting the knowledge that he will soon be gone forever.
You: As you look down, you feel safe.
Stranger: i want the dog
You: You start to hear a faint pitter-patter on the leaves behind you, and the noise quickens rapidly.
You: The source of the noise rushes towards you, and you turn around and step backwards, panicing!
You: Your foot slides off of the cliff, and you lose balance….
You: As you make your way down the almost insurvivable fall you look up to see a panting dog watching you fall, head cocked to the side.
You: You think of your choices as you fall. There seems to be only one way out of this without dying.
You: What will you do?
Stranger: well whats the one way
You: Hint: check what you have with you.
Stranger: use the rope
You: Taking the rope from about the suitcase you were carrying, you manage to have time to tie a loop on one end.
You: Although you know chances are slim, you throw the loop towards the face of the cliff as you race towards the bottom.
You: To your surprise, the rope catches the face of the cliff, and you are left hanging
You: You are now hanging from the cliff. What will you do?
Stranger: climb up
You: You climb up the cliff, and you now stand on a lip protruding from the cliff.
You: The rope falls from your feet and plunges into the water as you carefully make your way down the cliff, using the rocks sticking out as a ladder.
You: You end up on a beach a few hundred feet from the center of the cliff face, exhausted.
You: In the distance, you pick up the whirring of…
You: of…
You: a helicopter!
You: You see the chopper soar through the air above you.
You: What do you do now?
Stranger: signal it
You: You wave your hands vigourously at the helicopter
You: It slows down, and floats gently to the ground near the beach after spotting you.
You: You soon find that the chopper was, in fact, sent to find you and other survivors from the plane crash.
You: You climb aboard, and the chopper takes you back home, rattled but safe.
You: Congratulations, you win:)
You: What will you do now?
Stranger: gonna go home and watch some tv
You: Thank you for playing! :)
Stranger: you sir are a talented man
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Submitted by Caleb from USA

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